5 tips for an Instagram worthy home

From a gypsy living out of a suitcase to a full fledged homebody. No, not quite. But I do have to admit that lots of travelling has made me long to a more ‘I’m coming home’ feeling. And to have that, you need a nice home! Here are a couple of tips to achieve that. And just as important: to make it look Instagram worthy. #absolutelynecessary

1. Use lots of neutrals

White creates space, keeps things looking fresh and is timeless. If you’re into a bit of colour, you can always opt for one wall in a different shade. For that again counts: choose something timeless. I’m a big lover of blue, but would I still be in the mood for that during the winter?

2. Sheepskin rug

Yay! I know this is a very over-trendy item at the moment, but truth is that a sheepskin rug creates a lovely cozy feeling. Perfect to drape over your bed as decoration, on the sofa or on the floor. Endless possibilities, plus one more benefit: it looks pretty in pictures!

3. Closet vs. Clothing rack

A closet isn’t very photogenic by nature, but of course efficiënt if you have as much clothing as me. Clothing racks on the other side are a great addition for both storing clothes AND your interior. Hang the nicest items on display, play with colour. It makes the room look more lively and fun.

4. Say it with flowers

Which girl doesn’t love flowers? Truth is that it really brights up your home, plus the perfect backdrop for yet another #flatlay.

5. Pillows

Other than the fact that they’re super comfy to cozy up on, they’re fun to photograph too. By playing with different colour palettes, prints and textures you’re able to create a different look each time.

Do you have any tips for a more Instagram worthy home? Share it below!

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