5 Reasons why you should love tourists

I’m sure we can all sum up a few things that are typical “tourist behaviour”. May it be taking photos with an Ipad or walking on roads are meant for cyclists. The latter being something I know all Amsterdam relate to, but hey, let’s be honest. It’s a little mean to be making fun of tourists, because when we’re abroad we probably do the same thing. Or worse! Living in a city visited by so many tourists is truly enriching in so many ways. Let us share the 5 reasons why we love tourists in Amsterdam!


With so many tourists town of which some barely speak English, you’re forced to step up your sign language skills when someone asks directions! Thank goodness the signs for left, right and so on are universal. These random encounters are so much fun and force you to step out of your comfort zone.

2. Get to know your own city

An Amsterdam local will be asked for directions at least once a day on average, which means after a few months you become an expert in your own city! And you know what? Sometimes you even learn new things while helping someone out with directions. Like cool coffee spots, bars or art galleries.

3. Friends everywhere

Beause so many people from different countries come to Amsterdam, you also make international friends. When people travel, they’re usually more open mind to get to know new people, so before you know it you’ve engaged in a deep convo and you’re showing around people in town. Fun!

4. Broaden your perspective

We always hear that tourists are incredibly surprised by the amount of bikes you find on the road in the Netherlands. It makes you see your own country in a different light. The same goes for hearing stories from other people and their countries. It broadens your perspective without even leaving the country!

5. Learn to love your city

You could live in the most exciting city in the world, but after a while everything becomes normal. However, when you see tourists so incredibly wowed by Amsterdam and its canals, architecture and culture, we can’t help to feel excited about our own city again too.

Photographer: Tatiane Kozijn | Instagram: @tatianekozijn

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