What The Crocs?

Isn’t it funny how items that are considered everything but fashion suddenly transform into a wardrobe must have for every woman? Take Birkenstocks. Or dungarees. And what about harem pants or tie dye shirts? Right now, the time has come for Crocs to transform itself from a shoe loved for its comfort into a fashion must have. Here’s why.

We all know famous Sex and the City series, mostly known for Carrie and incredible sense of fashion. You might not know, but the brain behind the ladies outfits is Patricia Field. A New York native and costume designer that changed the way women dress these days. She pushed the limits. She challenged the status quo. And what happened? People fell in love with it. I know for a fact that many of us girls just watched Sex and the City for Carrie’s outfits. Am I right, or what?

So why am I mentioning Patricia Field and Crocs in one sentence? Here it is. Revolutionary Crocs and one of fashion’s greatest visionaries Patricia Field are collaborating on a Crocs collection! You’re probably wondering what you can expect and I’ll tell you exactly. The House of Field collection is all about funky graphics, bright colours and unique design brought together into the comfort and cushioning the Crocs footbed is known for. It’s bright, colourful and daring. It’s funky and arty. See the collection for yourself right here. Patricia Field sees Crocs as the shoes of the future and we can totally understand why. She believes that the use of leather in fashion and apparel is not sustainable and at the FashionContainer head quarter we couldn’t agree more.

I have to admit that I never really thought I’d see myself wearing Crocs, but I recently discovered that they also feature a range of very dainty and elegant sandals in their collection, for example the so called ‘Really Sexi Sandal’ (what’s in a name!) which is also featured on the cover image. They come in some fun summery colours like peach and orange, but there’s also a style that comes in a marble print! How cool.

Now I’ve got a question for you. Are you ready for the Crocs fashion revolution? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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