Turquoise lace

The first thing I noticed when seeing these pictures was my tired look. Jesus, I really look exhausted. I guess that’s the result of a week non-stop studying. I have to say that my blog is a very pleasant disctraction from my studies, maybe even too pleasant, as I’m tempted to check out my blog many times each day.
As you can see I’m wearing my new turquoise lace skirt from Zara, which I’m extremely happy with. I have this stupid habit that when I really love a particular item, I want to buy it in all available colours. As you now I have a similar lace skirt in black from Mango, but right now I have my eyes on this skirt in beige. What do you think, should I get it in beige as well?
  Ph. Tatiane Kozijn
Blouse WE
Skirt Zara
Necklace H&M (FAA collection)
Heels Zara
Bag Zara
Sunglasses WE

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