I have always had a thing for white monochrome outfits, but I have oddly enough rarely worn them myself. Until today!

It was a pleasure to be working with jeans brand Mavi again, their jeans surely are the smoothest and best fitted ones I have ever worn. To me, white jeans are a must for summer. Or wait, they are actually a must for every season! In the colder months I like to wear them to ‘break’ with the dark looks and black winter coats, while during summer they can be worn with a loose blouse or simple tee.

My no-shopping month commitment had to be broken to not let these beyond awesome boots I’m wearing pass me by. They were only $50 and totally remind me of these Acne Chelsea boots! The scarf print blouse is an oldie from Zara which I have been wearing incredibly often over the past year.
On a personal level, this month couldn’t have started any worse. Last Wednesday evening while I was feeling exhausted from a long day, my laptop decided to crash. Some virus came into it and as a consequence it couldn’t start up anymore. Even though I have most of my files backed up, it’s such a messed up thing to happen. I took my laptop to get repaired yesterday, so fingers crossed everything is going to be all right. There were some other bumps on the road the past week as well, so you can imagine how much I needed this weekend to start…
Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
Wearing: Zara blazer (same here), Zara blouse (similar here), Mavi jeans, Zara bag (similar here), Sportsgirl boots (same here), Michael Kors watch


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