Cobalt Blue

More family visits means more road trips. As you might know, my boyfriend and I have been having family over for the last month. Last weekend we decided to take my brother to the sand dunes in Lancelin and the Pinnacles desert. Despite the fact that we visited these places 3 weeks ago as well, it was a great day out.

Spending a day on the road, I went for the most comfy outfit option. A pair of coated jeans, flats, a simple white tee and ofcourse my fave jacket. At the sand dunes in Lancelin we decided to clim upon one of the highest hills to see the motor bikers from up close. It’s just crazy to see them jumping meters high without falling! As always, the views were spectacular, especially from so high on the hills. The contrasting colours of white sand, the ocean and trees is amazing (see picture 4). It’s late September, and were were happy to see the first signs of Australian spring: nesting parrots. They were everywhere at the Pinnacles desert, most of them nesting in the rocks (see picture 7). Oh, and in case you are wondering what on earth I am doing in the third last picture, I’m trying to take a picture of my shoes with my iphone.
My brother left yesterday, we dropped him at Perth airport where he took his flight to Adelaide. From there is going to make a  road trip up to the east coast with as final destination Brisbane. Maybe next year my boyfriend and I will do the same road trip, but first we are excited to hear about my brothers stories and experiences (my brother and me in picture 7).

 Pictures by Hassan Mounzer
Wearing: Mango biker jacket (similar here), Kmart white tee (similar here), Zara coated jeans (similar here), Forever New flats (similar here), Zara bag (similar here), Mango belt (similar here), Valleygirl sunglasses (similar here), Michael Kors watch

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