8x fuss free Outfits for Summer

Bare legs, loose silhouettes, sandals. Dressing for summer in my point of view is all about comfort. After all, who wants to wear skin tight close and high heels when the sun is out and about and temperatures reach the 30? Not me. In this post I’ve put together some great inspiration for easy to wear, no fuss summer outfits. This isn’t only meant as general summer outfit inspo, but I’ve also used it as a guideline to pack my suitcase for an entire month of travel. Tricky one! OK, let’s go.

The oversized shirt
These shirts happen to look great with shorts of any kind and other than cotton tee’s, these shirts have the ability to make your day time outfit look 10 times more sophisticated. Simply button down the shirt a little, maybe even add a cute little lace bra and a dainty necklace as a finishing touch.


Criss cross strap top
Summer allows for more adventurous tops than your usual tanks and t-shirts, so why not have fun with a top that has a little strappy fun going on at the back or front? They’re lightweight and easy to bring with you on a holiday and also manage to make your casual outfits look just that little more interesting.


White cotton dress
Crochet, embroideries, cut-outs: it’s all good in summer. I’ve got my fair share (or I had, left most of it in Australia when I left) of white summer dresses and they never bore me. Not much styling involved except adding a playful pair of sandals and a floppy hat. Done.


Flare midi skirt

No skintight skirts for me in summer! Or actually, ever. I’m more a flare kinda girl. Flare midi skirts are a great staple to wear with any t-shirt and give that easy breezy feel you want during the warmer days.


Lightweight coat

Now let’s not kid ourselves. In the Northern Hemisphere summers aren’t quite what they are for example in Australia, so a lightweight coat is a must. To stay in the summer vibe, opt for a trench coat in for example off white, beige or powder pink.


Floppy hat

Ideal for windy days at the beach, to cover up for the sun or simply to hide your bad hair day. It’s not secret that I’m a huge lover of floppy hats, so they’re a must for me both in my travel wardrobe as on an everyday basis.


Loose dressy shirt
This is a must have for me, regardless of what season. Great with jeans, shorts or a skirt. For night time or day time. The possibilities are truly endless. In favour of adding a black and a white pair to your travel wardrobe is the fact that they’re super lightweight and barely don’t take up any luggage space or weight. I prefer my dressy shirts in a non-crease fabric instead of for example silk, as ironing is the last thing I want to think about when I’m on the go. I found the perfect white shirt while in Buenos Aires last January and now regret not buying a few more!


Shoulder bag

Perfect for on the go in town, at festivals or on holiday. Opt for a bag that goes with everything and is midi sized so it fits the necessities you’ll need during the day. Especially when considering your travel wardrobe, it’s so important to not take more than two or three bags as they take up so much space.



Perhaps the ultimate ‘fuss free’ garment you’ll need for this summer: say hello the the playsuit. They’re comfortable, they come in a thousand different shapes, prints and colours and only require for you to put your sandals on and head out of the door. This also brings me to the fact that I actually don’t own any playsuit! I need to change that right now.


Photos via: Saboskirt, Always Judging, Sincerely Jules, Dulceida & Pinterest

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