5 Articles to read when you need a serious dose of Inspiration

You’re feeling a little worn down, the daily routine is boring you and you’re just feeling a bit… meh. Haven’t we all been there? I certainly have and that’s why today I just wanted to take a moment and list out 5 of my recent favourite articles that give me that little boost when I need some inspiration in my life.

1. Why embracing uncertainty is critical to your success (click)

One of the things I’ve been struggling with ever since my life changed upside down (moving from Australia to the Netherlands, a break up, new responsibilities etc.) is that the uncertainty sometimes leaves me feeling anxious. This article inspired me.

2. How to be resilient (click)

And no, this is not your regular self-help article.

3. Why don’t I have a passion? (click)

I’m a big fan of the “Ask Polly” columns on NY Mag. They’re sharp, they’re incredibly smart and have the ability to keep you thinking about the words long after you read it. To me this article helped me see the concept of “struggle” in an entire different way. Must read.

4. Feeling bored or uninspired? 6 quick fixes! (click)

It’s really as easy as it sounds, quick fixes when you feel bored or uninspired.

5. Afraid of being ‘found out’? How to overcome Impostor Syndrom.

OK, so the title of this line might not give you a clear indication what it’s about. Let’s just say if you’re a self-doubter, you have to read this.

I hope these articles were able to give you the kick in the butt you needed!

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