Packing rituals

Just giving you a little sneakpeek of my packing rituals for my one month holiday which is kicking off this saturday. First destination is Dubai, so excited!
Today has been all about mixing and matching and putting outfits together and I have to say it’s going pretty good so far. I know it might sound strange for some of you guys, but I’m actually looking forward to get dressed winter-weather appropriate. Yes, really. Hot temperatures everyday is really not everything and besides that I miss wearing layered outfits. I’m just hoping that my good organization will help me to pack only the necessary stuff and thus leave some space for shopping. Being all caught up in preparing my outfits didn’t do much good for my room, which literally looks like it’s in state of war right now. Clothes, shoes, jewellery are at all places they shouldn’t be. Oh well, I’ll deal with that tomorrow because now it’s TV and tea time!

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