How to keep your clothing beautiful?

Bloggers and clothing. Whether it’s items I newly purchased or long time favourites: clothing and fashion are a big part of my life. What I never really talk about though, is how I take care of my clothing and keep them in their best shape. So: Topic of the day!

I’m one of those people that has pieces in her closet from 5 years ago that I still wear regularly. Both expensive and non-expensive. Basic and non-basic. The truth is that once I’ve found a piece of clothing I adore, I’ll do anything to keep it in great shape! From rubbing a toothbrush with bleach to clean out stains of my favourite white shirt or cut off the pilling of the best cable sweater I’ve ever owned. If you’re anything like me and want to keep your wardrobe favourites beautiful for as long as possible, I want to share a secret! It all begins and ends with washing your clothing with a great detergent, which brings me to the topic of : the first fiber repair detergent that reduces fuzzing and pilling up to 80%.

There’s no way I’ll actually talk about a product that I haven’t tried, so I’ve put it to the test. I have a few favourite sweaters that I wear very regularly and over the course of a month I’ve seen what difference it makes washing them with Fleuril. This is what I’ve found. The surface starts to appear smoother (less of those fluffy parts!) and it also seemed like 2 of my black and blue sweaters were enhanced in their original colour. I’m very excited to see what Fleuril Care & Repair will do for my wardrobe in the long run!

As we’re on the topic of keeping clothing beautiful, here are my 3 best tips to achieve it:

  1. Invest in great detergent: Fleuril Care & Repair. Isn’t it silly how we don’t mind spending a lot of money on clothing, but then want to score a bargain when it comes to the detergent we use? Quality is key! Get the most out of your clothing investments by taking care of them properly.
  1. Don’t overload the washing machine. I know, it’s tempting, especially when there’s a lot of laundry waiting to be washed. Doing so however is no good for the clothing’s fibers and also increases the clothing-on-clothing accidents.
  1. Use good hangers. To give your clothes the right support, avoid wire hangers but instead go for a solid, smooth wooden hanger. Clothing injuries prevented!

These were my tips! I’m all about taking care of my clothing in the easiest ways possible, so take it from me that these tips are both fuss free AND efficient. Cheers to getting a lot more wear and fun out of your wardrobe.

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